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Here's some pictures that I took during the employees tour of the Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children. It's a beautiful building and state-of-the-art. This will be a great facility for treating sick children.

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tn_20120523_COA_Tour_01.jpg 9.7 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_02.jpg 9.6 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_03.jpg 7.6 KB
This is the view entering, and inside of, the Meditation Room.

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_04.jpg 8.8 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_05.jpg 8.8 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_06.jpg 7.1 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_07.jpg 7.2 KB
Artwork leading down the hall, past Patient Registration, and towards the lobby.

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_08.jpg 6 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_09.jpg 7.5 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_10.jpg 8.3 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_11.jpg 6.8 KB
The second floor of the Lobby.

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_12.jpg 7.6 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_13.jpg 8.5 KB

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_14.jpg 8.8 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_15.jpg 7.2 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_16.jpg 7.5 KB
Ninth Floor, looking North Lounge Area, Waiting Room Patient Room

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_17.jpg 8.8 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_18.jpg 10 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_19.jpg 10.5 KB
Looking South, towards Vulcan Green roof

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_20.jpg 7.8 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_21.jpg 6.2 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_22.jpg 6.1 KB
Hallway and artwork

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_23.jpg 6.7 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_24.jpg 7.4 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_25.jpg 8.2 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_26.jpg 7.6 KB
Fourth floor, Cardio Vascular Waiting room and Hallway

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_27.jpg 9.9 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_28.jpg 9.3 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_29.jpg 9.2 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_30.jpg 6.9 KB
Fourth floor, Harbert Tower - wall graphics and artwork

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_31.jpg 9.6 KB
CV Hybrid Operating Room

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_32.jpg 9.6 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_33.jpg 8.3 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_34.jpg 11.8 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_35.jpg 9.6 KB
Spiral Staircase and lobby

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_36.jpg 10.6 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_37.jpg 8.4 KB

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_38.jpg 7 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_39.jpg 6.9 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_40.jpg 11.8 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_41.jpg 7.9 KB
Emergency Department waiting room and artwork

tn_20120523_COA_Tour_42.jpg 8.4 KB tn_20120523_COA_Tour_43.jpg 10.3 KB
View from the lobby Water feature

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