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Welcome to my photograph gallery. I am a hobbiest photographer and enjoy shooting a wide variety of subjects. The images displayed here represent a multitude of interests and photographic opportunities. Please click on a link above to see my pictures on these topics. I hope you see at least one or two pictures that catch your eye. Feel free to drop me a line with a comment or question at the email link below.

I have started a collection of pictures of the exhibits at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. This museum contains a world-class collection of motorcycles. I will attempt to document the motorcycles on display as well as show some of the motorcycles for the work of art that they are. Click this link for information about Barber Motorsports Park. This part of my gallery is truely a work-in-progress so stop by often to look for updates.

My Birmingham Zoo gallery will be updated 2 or 3 times a year. The Events gallery will include pictures from different events that I have attended. My family gallery will include pictures from special events, reunions, etc. of my family. My Nature gallery will include pictures I have taken of nature including animals, plants, flowers, etc. The Sports gallery will include pictures I have taken of various sporting events from around the area. The Transportation gallery will include pictures of automobiles, boats, planes, trains, trucks, etc.

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