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The 1928 BMW R62 motorcycle was made in Germany. It featured an air-cooled, horizontally opposed flat twin four stroke engine. The ignition was by Bosch magneto. The engine was rated at 18 h.p. at 3,400 r.p.m. The engine displacement was 745cc based upon a bore and stroke of 78 X 78mm. Fuel was supplied via a single 24mm carburetor. Getting the power to the ground was by a three speed, hand shifted transmission that was shaft driven. The suspension featured front trailing link and a rigid rear. Stopping was by front drum brakes and an external band on the drive shaft. The motorcycle weighed in at 335 pounds. Top speed for the bike was 75 m.p.h.

According to the museum's fact sheet "A major event in the evolution of the BMW motorcycle came in 1928 with the introduction of two large capacity twins, the R62 and R63. The R62 was BMW's side valve touring machine and was suited to heavy use, such as pulling a side-car. These machiens were used on a daily basis into the mid-30's, and then many were scrapped for their metal or confiscated for military use. This machine survived and remained in an Eastern Europe museum until 1997."

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