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The 1996 Britten V-1000 motorcycle was made in New Zealand. It featured a water-cooled, 60o vee-twin four stroke engine. The ignition is by a programmable, computer-controlled unit. The engine displacement was 985cc based upon a bore and stroke of 99 X 64mm. Fuel was supplied via computer-controlled, two per cylinder, injectors. Getting the power to the ground was by a five speed transmission. The suspension featured a front single shock with double wishbones and girder. The rear suspension consisted of a single shock with three bar linkage. Braking was accomplished by front twin 13" discs and a single rear 8" disc. The motorcycle weighed in at 320 pounds. Top speed for the bike was 190+ m.p.h.

According to the museum's fact sheet "Words cannot describe what a small team of talented engineers in New Zealand have achieved in creating this machine. The Britten is novel, an original design, setting new trends in chasis and suspension technology. Sadly, John Britten, the team leader and chief designer, passed away in late 1995. He built only ten machines, this one is number seven. Britten won the world British, European, and American Racing Series (BEARS) in 1995, and had many successes on the racetrack."

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