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The 1989 Buell RS 1200 motorcycle was made in the United States. It featured an air-cooled, 45o vee-twin four stroke engine. The ignition is by C.D.I. The engine displacement was 1200cc based upon a bore and stroke of 89 X 97mm. Fuel was supplied via a single Keihin carburetor. Getting the power to the ground was by a five speed transmission. The suspension featured front telescopic forks and a rear single shock. Braking was accomplished by front twin discs and a single rear disc. The motorcycle weighed in at 450 pounds. Top speed for the bike was 140+ m.p.h.

According to the museum's fact sheet "The RS 1200 was the next step in development by constructor and ex. H.D. engineer Erik Buell. This bike combines the five speed 1200 c.c. Sportster power unit with typical Buell innovative chassis design. Buell is now the sport bike division of Harley Davidson."

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