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Here are the top five finishers for the Daytona Sportbike race:

AMA Pro Daytona SportBikes Results
  1. Martin Cardenas, 36, Suzuki GSX-R600
  2. Jason DiSalvo, 40, Suzuki GSX-R600
  3. Jamie Hacking, 88, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
  4. Josh Herrin, 8, Yamaha YZF-R6
  5. Tommy Aquino, 6, Yamaha YZF-R6
Here are some pictures I took during the race. Click on a thumbnail to see the full size picture in a new window.

tn_2009_day_sportbike_001 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_002 (9K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_003 (7K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_004 (7K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_005 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_006 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_007 (7K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_008 (7K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_009 (6K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_010 (7K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_011 (6K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_012 (7K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_013 (7K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_014 (7K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_015 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_016 (7K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_017 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_018 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_019 (9K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_020 (9K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_021 (9K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_022 (6K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_023 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_024 (7K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_025 (9K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_026 (10K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_027 (10K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_028 (8K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_029 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_030 (7K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_031 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_032 (8K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_033 (6K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_034 (7K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_035 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_036 (9K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_037 (7K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_038 (9K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_039 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_040 (8K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_041 (9K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_042 (9K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_043 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_044 (8K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_045 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_046 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_047 (7K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_048 (7K)
tn_2009_day_sportbike_049 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_050 (9K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_051 (8K) tn_2009_day_sportbike_052 (8K)

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