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Here are the top five finishers for the Moto-GT race:

AMA Pro SunTrust Moto-GT Results
  1. Crozier Motorsports, 14, Triumph Daytona 675
  2. HurtByAccident.com, 69, Suzuki GSX-R600
  3. HurtByAccident.com, 64, Ducati PS1000LE
  4. Touring Sport Ducshop, 77, Ducati PS1000LE
  5. Aussie Dave Racing, 2, Suzuki GSX-R600
Here are some pictures I took during the race. Click on a thumbnail to see the full size picture in a new window.

tn_2009_moto-gt_01 (8K) tn_2009_moto-gt_02 (7K) tn_2009_moto-gt_03 (8K) tn_2009_moto-gt_04 (7K)
tn_2009_moto-gt_05 (7K) tn_2009_moto-gt_06 (6K) tn_2009_moto-gt_07 (7K) tn_2009_moto-gt_08 (8K)
tn_2009_moto-gt_09.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_10.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_11.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_12.jpg
tn_2009_moto-gt_13.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_14.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_15.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_16.jpg
tn_2009_moto-gt_17.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_18.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_19.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_20.jpg
tn_2009_moto-gt_21.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_22.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_23.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_24.jpg
tn_2009_moto-gt_25.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_26.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_27.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_28.jpg
tn_2009_moto-gt_29.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_30.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_31.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_32.jpg
tn_2009_moto-gt_33.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_34.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_35.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_36.jpg
tn_2009_moto-gt_37.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_38.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_39.jpg tn_2009_moto-gt_40.jpg

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