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Welcome to my Nature gallery. You will find pictures I have taken of animals at various places including zoos, animal hospitals, or other animal-viewing facility. This will also be the gallery for flowers, plants, landscape, etc. Finally, I have an interest in day hiking and will be posting information and pictures from my hikes. Most of my hikes will be in Alabama but I hope to expand to nearby states in the future. Actually, the hiking information could turn into blog, which means you would be able to subscribe and receive updates of my hikes and walks automatically.

Use the link above to go to my hiking page. Please click on a link below to see my nature pictures. I hope you see at least one or two pictures that catch your eye. Feel free to drop me a line with a comment or question at the email link at the bottom of the page.

This gallery will be updated periodically so stop by often to look for new pictures.

Last Updated: March 23, 2012
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