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  I saw this Red-tailed Hawk on the morning of November 29, 2009 in the backyard. This bird flew to several different trees and was not bothered at all by my walking around to take these pictures. ENJOY! :)

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  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_01 (10K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_02 (11K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_03 (9K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_04 (12K)
  Where's my lunch?

  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_05 (10K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_07 (10K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_08 (9K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_09 (10K)
  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_11 (10K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_12 (10K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_13 (11K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_15 (12K)
  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_16 (11K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_17 (12K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_18 (13K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_19 (11K)
  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_20 (11K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_21 (12K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_22 (11K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_23 (15K)
  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_24 (15K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_25 (15K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_26 (16K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_27 (16K)
  Go away kid, you're bothering me!   Got to scratch that itch!

  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_28 (16K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_29 (16K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_30 (15K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_32 (16K)
  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_33 (13K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_35 (14K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_36 (14K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_37 (14K)
  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_38 (14K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_39 (13K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_42 (14K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_43 (12K)
  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_44 (14K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_45 (14K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_46 (14K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_48 (10K)
  tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_49 (9K) tn_2009_Homewood_Hawk_50 (13K)

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